Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Generation lines, volumetric expressions and architecture

It is possible to appreciate, through different projects, a generation in its structure. Looking for relation with creation and language, the dispositions of some drawings, and texts, specially the calligrams, are interesting, proposing lines and spaces, inside a context.

Open City, UCV

Disposition of lines and volumes (UCV), where laws and tensions appear in correspondences and perspectives.

About generation lines, grids and architecture
Inside searches of orders and forms in language, a calligram, for example, is a poem where the words expresses visually what the word, or words, say. In a poem, it manifests graphically the theme presented by the text of the poem. The form suggests the content.

Personal works
I have done some prototypes of calligrams, with Rhino, or Autocad, writing over lines of generation: natural forms or geometrical shapes. Also I have tried to superpose typographical signs in interlaced planes or surfaces.

It has a constructive sense. As student, in my career, it was very important reading a poet called Godofredo Iommi: the words and the space resemble regulatory outlines, foundations. It is very interesting: a poetry applied to construction, and part of the foundations of an American school of architecture, located in Valparaíso: the School of Architecture of the Pontificial Catholic University of Valparaíso. I was interested in the emptinesses and directions granted to the words: really lines of chalk in a territory, as a poetical association.

As a foundation, the poetry (in one of the senses of its meaning) is to see things for the first time. Photographies of PUCV architects (previous images). Thus this faculty is one of architectural education's most radical experiences for several decades, where the Open City is an open place, in more than one meaning of the word.

I think if the fact of founding, from the principle, from these lines, makes fill with meaning the constructions, filling with this initial creativity the three dimensions of architecture. The geometries and spaces that the UCV achieves, in this respect, might be a material for a complete article.

Open City, Ritoque (images), built by the faculty of architecture of the Catholic University of Valparaiso.

Soon I would like to advance in interlaced surfaces, inside these poetics, as sculptural calligrams, a concept that always it fills with enthusiasm, and that also is possible to see from early cultural manifestations.