Saturday, August 25, 2007

Economical Housing: replica and quality

Thinking about economical housing, I remember some ideas. In precarious situations the most important theme is the immediate need, then quality standards are affected. The main purpose is the replica, number, and repetition.

A correct purpose, in my opinion, is to study proper spaces, through the economy of the recourses, valid judgment in great buildings, too.
In these images appears the first stage (40 m2), and expansions (56.46 m2). Certainly, are minimal standards, and it’s possible to reach to 45-50 m2 in the first structure.
The most important judgment, in my opinion, is to consider, in a proper design, areas of expansion, and a correct distribution (stairways, furniture, artifacts, doors and windows), saving spaces for the necessary rooms, in a strict way, endeavor of the design.